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Kimberly McRae - Author Kimberly McRae was born on February 26 in Hartford, Connecticut. She made her newspaper debut that same day when her father, a local college basketball star, was seen giving the peace sign as he first received the news of her birth during the half time announcement.

Kimberly's became a journalist for her high school newspaper. This experience opened her eyes up to a love of writing. She often spent time writing poems during her youth. As was typical during that time, she entered a World of Poetry contest and had her poem entered into an anthology. For several years, she put her love of writing aside to develop her analytic and technical abilities while working with computers and electronics.

On August 31, 1998, Kimberly knew beyond a shadow of doubt that Christ died on the cross for her sins. She repented of that sin and accepted the Lord Jesus as her Saviour.

Returning to her love of writing in 2001, Kimberly began working on her first novel which has not been published. Between 2001 and 2009 she has worked on a many different writing projects including screenplays, short stories, and additional novels all of which were not published.

One afternoon as Kimberly was walking up the stairs of her home her back out. She was unable to put any weight on her legs or walk for a few years. Three different surgeons said they could not repair her back. In an effort to find out why God would allow this to open to her she spent months buried in sermon after sermon, reading her Bible, studying her Bible, and praying for answers.

When the Lord revealed to Kimberly that He wanted her to write for Him, she obediently followed His guidance. With each written work she diligently seeks the Lord's direction and considers these writings to be His writings. She hopes they will be a blessing to all of His children and those that seek Him.

After Kimberly began writing she felt burdened that she be prayed over due to the problems with her back. God rewarded her strong faith and the very next day she was able to walk through Walmart.

It would take her two years from that time to release Living by Faith: Beginning Your Walk as a New Believer. Prior to releasing Living by Faith, Kimberly and her son, Keith, coauthored a book to help middle and high school students entering military boarding schools. It provides practical advice to assist them in all aspects of their military high school life.

When she released Living by Faith, Kimberly did not market the book. In fact, she did nothing except self-publish it. God took care of the rest. This book focuses on Biblical principles that are taken directly from the Word of God. Living by Faith helps the reader to gain a closer relationship to God and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. The book was made available for free based on Matthew 10:8: “Freely ye have received, freely give.”

While Kimberly continues to write non-fiction, Living by Faith is the one that has seen great success. Since its release the book has remained in the top 100 free Christian titles on the Apple iBookstore peaking at #3 on June 26, 2012. This book has been downloaded in 45 countries. Her book Victory in Prayer has been downloaded in 32 countries. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord through writing, video, and encouraging others on social media.

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