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Kimberly's books and Bible studies have been downloaded in 45 countries around the world. Read the description of each book below to select the book you would like to learn more about.

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View the list of online retailers that carry Kimberly's books. Christian non-fiction titles are available for FREE download at various retailers. Print copies of Christian non-fiction can also be purchased from a select retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Kimberly's books.

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Kimberly McRae's books are read in 45 countries around the world and her blog is read in 110 countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Kimberly's Christian non-fiction titles FREE for download?

You would think that most people would be excited to find a Christian non-fiction title for free. Unfortunately, many people have expressed annoyance because she will not accept royalties for these works.

The reason for making these titles FREE in eBook form was because of a religious conviction. God placed a burden on Kimberly's heart that when she writes non-fiction for Him to help other Christians that it should be offered for FREE due to Matthew 10:8 which states "Freely ye have received, freely give." Some Christians argue the point stating Luke 10:7 which states "for the labourer is worthy of his hire." Luke 10:7 does not apply to this because it deals with how a local church should support their pastor and their material needs. See 1 Timothy 5:17-18.

Consider if you will a few examples: Should a pastor charge for a sermon that God laid on his heart? Should a Sunday School worker collect a fee from all class attendees for a study that helps the Christians with their daily walk with Christ? Should a missionary charge people on the street for the tracts they are handing out? Should a friend charge a new believer for discipleship? The answer to all of these questions should most definitely be "NO"! Because we are to freely give of godly wisdom or direction that the Lord lays on our heart to assist another. Therefore, Kimberly's Christian non-fiction will remain FREE in eBook form.

If Kimberly's eBooks are FREE why is there a cost to the print version?

Kimberly's Christian non-fiction titles are offered in print form at one retailer in order to control the cost for her readers. The cost of the book is the exact cost that the publisher charges to print and sell the book. There is no additional markup added which means no royalties are earned by the author. For books that are not Christian non-fiction, such as Surviving America's Military High School, this does not apply.

Does the eBook version look like the online samples?

Formatting a book for digital eReaders is much different than formatting for print. The content has not changed but the formatting will be different.

I am a new believer confused by the various Bible versions. What Bible version does Kimberly recommend?

Kimberly recommends using the King James Version. Many new Christians are frightened by the KJV because of the Old English text. The Holy Spirit helps the Christian to understand Scripture and He is not constrained by the Old English text. Trust in the Lord to meet your needs in the area of godly wisdom. For information on why Kimberly will only use the King James Version read an excerpt from the appendices of her books. All Scripture within her books are from the KJV.

Are Kimberly's books available in alternate languages?

The books written by Kimberly McRae were written in English. At this time there are no plans for other translations.

Where can I find audio versions of Kimberly's books?

Kimberly is hoping to release her books in audio form but at this time does not have a date for release of these works.